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Center Yourself at East Wind Studios, northwest Indiana’s favorite yoga, tai chi & meditation studio. Located in a wonderfully renovated suite in downtown Chesterton, we offer a variety of classes suited to different tastes, abilities and ages. Register online for the most current information on our existing and upcoming classes and workshops. And don’t forget to check out the free Tuesday night classes!

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Please Welcome
Andrew Morris!

Andrew came to yoga as a way to improve his flexibility and perform better in athletics. He quickly realized that yoga provides a complete system of healing for both the body and mind.  
            He was trained in Bloomington, IN under the tutelage of Laura Patterson. Andrew encourages his students to meet their edge and breath with it, facilitating growth and development. He loves meeting students where they are, and helping them reach their full potential by incorporating Thai-yoga massage, acupressure, personal training know-how and a wealth of experience in yoga. Andrew Teaches....

Mondays at 6:30pm  - Heated Power Vinyasa
Wednesdays at 5:30pm - Twisting Slow- Flow


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1/6.................................Eating with the Seasons
1/13.....Free Hypnotist Meditation w/ Randi Light

1/20...................................Trigger Point Therapy
1/27..........................................Restorative Yoga




Upcoming Workshops


My 'All Natural' Valentine
Saturday, February 7th...2-4pm
My "All Natural" Valentine Come join us for a fun afternoon creating an all natural Valentine package for yourself or a loved one. This class will teach you the basics of making homemade cold processed soap, an essential oil body mist, an all natural lotion bar, and an herbal bath bomb. Class price includes instruction and a "goodie" bag with your homemade items. Come out of the cold and sip some hot herbal tea with us as we put together these lovely "All Natural" Valentines. :)

Cost: $40


Class Schedule

9am Peace Yoga w/ Elly**
6:30pm Heated Power Vinyasa w/ Andrew***
7pm Power Blend Yoga w/ Chris**

9am Gentle Yoga w/ Amanda*
5:30pm Balanced Energy Yoga w/ Kristy**
6:30pm Free Class (classes vary)*

5:30pm Twisting Slow - Flow w/ Andrew**
7pm Yin Yoga w/ Mary*

6pm Intro to Beginner Yoga w/ Elly*
7:15pm Guided Meditation w/ Cynthia*

9am Slow,Centered Yoga w/ Mary**
6:30pm Intro to Beginner Yoga: Energizing Flow w/ Elly*

9am Groovin Yoga w/ Colleen**
10:30am Yin Yoga w/ Mary*

Beginner/Any *   Some Experience **   Experienced ***



Peace Yoga w/ Elly-  To heal, inspire and nourish your body as well as your heart.

Gentle Yoga w/ Amanda- This class is an introduction to yoga for beginners but Amanda also welcomes the more experienced yoga practitioner who might be in the mood for something gentler. The focus is on the breath and body awareness in a series of stretches and basic poses. Variations are offered for the more advanced student.

Power Blend Yoga w/ Chris- In this class, we will be beginning with movement to properly warm up the body! We will go through a series of vinyasa flows for the first 25 min. Then on the last 25 min, we will focus on stretching and restorative poses before completing with a much deserved savasana.  You're going to feel this in the morning!

Balanced Energy Yoga w/ Kristy- When we are feeling out of balance energetically, our lives can be thrown in all different directions making us feel lost and unsteady. We often times will search outside ourselves to find that balance which could lead to healthy or unhealthy life choices. Through Energetic Yoga, we are trying to search inside ourselves in order to bring balance back to our lives. No matter what your level of practice, you are able to open up those energy channels that are causing you to feel out of balance. I offer flows that give the opportunity to open up those stubborn energy channels. We have all that we need right now, inside ourselves, to bring balance and peace in our own lives.....instead or searching outward, we can search with in. Our class offers techniques that encourage fluidity in the spine and unique core engagement to allow your body to wave into the posture that works best for you. In our practice, we want to challenge ourselves to best the best "us" ever with out being overwhelming. Please join this class, and feel at home in your own skin, in your own movement, in your own practice. We are all beautiful, graceful, and strong.

Yin Yoga w/ Mary- Yin Yoga is a meditative, restorative style of yoga used to balance a more athletic practice by focusing on the slow, patient opening of the deep connective tissue of the hips, pelvis, spine, and arms. This system of nourishing bodily postures (held 3-5 minutes with no standing postures) not only offers an opportunity to surrender and slow down, but also harmonizes the flow of Chi (energy) that is vital for our health. Yin Yoga is a practice for all levels of experience

Introduction to Yoga w/ Elly- Learn the basics of yoga, terms used and proper breathing techniques to prepare yourself for advancement to vinyasa flow yoga classes.

Guided Meditation w/ Cynthia Smith-Faught- Cynthia has been teaching for over 15 years. Her meditations are guided and include all different types from candle gazing to walking meditations. Her classes are designed to supply her students with the tools to cultivate love for one's self and others, supple the techniques for better concentration and focus and help train the mind to better manage the stress of everyday life. Cynthia is an intuitive teacher and will base her classes on the needs of her students.

Slow, Centered Flow w/ Mary- Slow Centered Flow allows the student to flow through a moderately challenging vinyasa practice at a slower pace. We drink in the poses for least 5 breaths allowing the student to become centered. Slow Flow allows for mindful pose transitions, pose quality vs quantity, and directing the breath to expand the pose from the inside out. By slowing the vinyasa practice the breath is rarely lost therefore cultivating focus, calming the mind, and generating heat for the burning of impurities. The class will include sun salutations, standing poses, inversions, twists, and deep stretching. Join us in this class to fully understand "Sthira Sukham Asanam" holding a posture with comfortable ease while the body is fully engaged and mind focused.

Introduction to Beginner Yoga- Energizing Flow w/ Elly- Join Elly for an energizing start to the weekend, whether you are going out with friends or staying in with a mug of tea. This introductory class will help set up the basics of yoga while keeping a steady, flowing pace.

Groovin' Yoga - Join Colleen for her moving, grooving yoga class. Stretching and core strength are the main components of this upbeat, energizing class.

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